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Serving the Inland Empire since the year 2000, we are the most trusted legal document preparation service in the area. You won’t find a firm who can do a more thorough job drafting your documents and at a lower price!

When you are dealing with your legal documents or your finances, you don’t want to cut any corners, and you want to use a reputable and experienced firm. Here at Gomez Professional Service, our team has experience drafting last wills and testaments, living trusts, and other estate planning documents. No detail will be left unaccounted for, and you can rest knowing that all of your affairs are in order.

In addition to wills and trusts, we also have teams of experts who can help you with the purchase and sale of your home, notary, apostilles, tax problems, incorporation and immigration issues.

We are able to provide help with immigrantion papers and assistance to family members after arrival in the U.S. and any immigration issues that may arise. Let us know how we can help you!


Regardless of whether you are forming a C corporation or an S corporation, the company formation document is called the Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Incorporation. Call us for help!


We can assist with any tax documentation you may need. If you've got problems or need help with personal taxes, give us a call today. We look forward to relieving tax stress!

Tax Problems

This is a legal document which allows you to control how your estate will be distributed after you pass. It also enables you to appoint a guardian and provide instructions and set aside funds.

Last Will and Testament

If you need help with corporate bylaws or operating agreements, I am here to help with any of you operating documents. With my experience and professionalism, you'll be happy you called!

Bylaws & Operating

If you’re not sure what kind of notarization you need, contact me and ill make sure the documents are prepared accuratley. If in doubt, give me a call today and you'll receive the best customer service!

Notary Public

A document through which your assets are placed into a trust for your benefit during your lifetime and then transferred to designated beneficiaries at your death by your chosen representative.

Living Trust

With great service and affordability we can help you transfer ownership with a Grant Deed, whether you are in need of just adding someone to your title or wanting to remove a person.

Grant/ Quitclaim Deed

Apostilles authenticate the seals and signatures of officials on public documents such as birth certificates, court orders, or any other document issued by a public authority. Call me today for one!


A document that allows you to appoint a person or organization to manage your affairs if you become unable to do so. However, all POAs are not created equal. Call us for help!

Power of Attorney

Use this legal form when you need when you give short-term care of your child to another adult. We can help you with all your guardianship documentation and make sure its done properly.

Temp Guardianship

We can provide you with more solutions to help alleviate the frustrations and stress that come with both the pre and post-closing process in a real estate transaction. We'd be happy to help!

Real Estate Service

Top Wills & Estate Legal Advisor in the local area

When drafting a will, you will certainly want to use a reputable will and estate professional to ensure your documents correctly express your final wishes and will pass smoothly through probate or avoid probate. At Gomez Professional Services, Inc., we are experienced in drafting and executing last wills and testaments and living trusts, and our professional and dedicated staff can also help and advise with estate planning. Visit our offices in the local area or contact us through the form below for more information on our various services.

Save As Much As Possible

Perhaps more importantly, we understand that getting the most out of your work is a major priority. Why work for less? Our financial experts are not only efficient and effective; they also know the ins and the outs of systems and are capable of saving you more money than you thought possible. Whether your company needs more capital for better equipment, or you want to start saving for your child's education or you simply need some time away on a beach, you'll save more with us

Superb Client Services

No matter the type of document you need notarized, we can ensure that all of your documents are in good standing order. Get in touch with us today with any questions or requests, and we'll be in touch promptly to help you with all of your notarization needs. Our clients have continually remarked on the quality and speed of our service, and we'd love to help you with your documentation.

I've used Gomez Professional Services for several legal documents, including power of attorney forms for another state. Flo & Javier are great folks that listen, getting your needs exactly right the first time! As my legal needs expand, Gomez Professional Services has, is, and will continue to be my first call, to get it right the first time! Thank you Gomez Professional Services!

-Danny Barrett

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Gomez Professional Services, Inc. is not a law firm and cannot give
legal advise. Documents are prepared at client's specific direction.

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Gomez Professional Service offers legal service of many different types. We are not a law firm and cannot give legal advice but we can prepare documents to our client’s specific directions. We are located in Colton, California and make legal services as easy as possible with professional assistance. Gomez Professional Services have been serving this area with legal documentation since 2000. 

Last will and testaments are one such legal service that is provided. A last will and testament is a legal document that gives you a way to control how your holdings after your passing. It also allows you to assign an executor to control your holding and make sure they are distributed they way that you want them. Everyone, especially someone with children, should get a last will and testament written to make sure there are not legal issues upon your passing with your holdings or even what happens to your children if your passing occurs before they are of legal age. If this is a legal service you are looking for call us now. 

Another legal service provided is a living trust. This is a document where your assets are placed into a trust during your life to benefit you and then upon your passing it is beneficiaries who you chose by the executor that you also chose. This is different than a will because property left in the trust does not have to go through probate court, where as if it were left into a will it would go through probate court.

Power of attorney is another legal service provided. This is where you appoint a person or organization to manage your affairs if, for any reason, you are not able to. Your affairs would be in order and you would appoint someone you trust to manage everything for you. But not every power of attorney is the same so call us now and we can help you out. 

If you are not looking for assistance with any of the above legal services, we can also provide tax help.  Tax problems can be stressful but doesn’t have to be. We try and take that stress away from you. We will help prepare any tax documentation you may need. You do not want to cut any corners when it comes to your taxes whether it is preparing them or tax problems that come up, we will make sure that there are no questions left unanswered. You will be able to rest knowing that our professionals have your best interest in mind and we will make sure problems are taking care of. 

Some documents need to be notarized in order to be come official. This is another legal service we provide. A notary public is a public officer constituted by law to serve the public, usually in the areas of (but not limited to) deeds and estates. A notary public helps to prevent fraud. We offer this legal service to help with any uncertainty you feel when dealing with these documents. We also make sure that these documents are done correctly. 

There are many legal services provided by us. We also make sure that the process is easy and affordable. We do not want to leave you with any uncertainties when it comes to legal documents. 

Real estate can be overwhelming as well, especially the pre- and post-closing process. These two processes can be very stressful and time consuming. We can make the process much easier. We will take a professional approach to every legal service we provide. Help with real estate transactions are no different.

We are dedicated to excellence and providing our clients with the best legal services we can. We want to make any and every legal service as easy and painless. Our clients can trust us to deliver excellent service and make sure you leave confidently knowing your legal service is taken care of. 

We offer a special discount of 10% discount to our military, veterans, and first responders. We want to make sure legal services are affordable to anyone who needs them. Legal services should not be hard to come by or unaffordable. Legal services should be provided to anyone who needs them and cost should not be an issue.